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Universal WM8650 Uberoid v12 Beta2

Universal WM8650 Uberoid v12 Beta2

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 640x480.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 640x480.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 640x480.

*note: to activate the ICS keyboard open the app and press activate

Universal WM8650 Uberoid v12 runs on 215 models of VIA/WM 8650 chip based tablets. This includes tablets that have a sim card / phone function and about all different screen sizes from 5" to 10.2". The firmware is rooted and equipped with a lot of boosts as usual, improving your chinese tablet a lot in performance, and in usability. Enjoy this nice firmware mod!

Uberoid is a modded 1.5.7 firmware with 1.5.7 Green and 1.5.5 Blue kernels with loaders from 1.3.1. In general, Uberoid is a highly optimized ROM for WM8650 tablets that is easy to modify:

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RUN CHANGER.BAT on a Windows PC to setup and / or personalize the ROM. Type "X" <enter> in CHANGER to see all XTRA commands.

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* select your model (changes ROM config according to you model)
* copy Uberoid to SD (type in CHANGER "SD" <enter>, or anwer "y" after CHANGER has set a model, it will ask you to copy to SD.)
* Format a SD properly and copy Uberoid to it (type in CHANGER "SDFORMAT" <enter>, or anwer "y" after CHANGER has received "n" to the COPY question, it will ask you if you want to format and copy to SD.)
* Change the font/lang to Arabic (type in CHANGER "AR" <enter>)
* Change the font/lang to Thai (type in CHANGER "TH" <enter>)
* Change the font/lang to Turkish (type in CHANGER "TR" <enter>)
* Change the font/lang/browser to Tamil (type in CHANGER "TM" <enter>)
* Enable/disable phone support by executing "PHONE" <enter>
* Add rt3070v2 support by typing "RT3070" <enter> (type "UNRT3070" to undo) Use this option when you have no wlan, you can use this with every option
* You can mix language / region settings very easy, type "LOC" <enter> in the CHANGER for more info and settings.
* Recover env_uboot after a bad flash, type 'REC' (WARNING! Only on the first flash, if you flash twice the original uboot_env will be overwritten, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!)

Main features:

* Live Wallpaper Support
* HoneyComb styled launcher, framework and icons
* Extreme WM8650 compatibility (170 models +!)
* Run CHANGER to make the ROM compatible with your device using Windows
* Customizable ROM, make it more LITE for example, type X to see all options
* Rooted
* Full Flash Player 10.1 (not the evaluation version anymore)
* Audio Boosted
* RAM Boosted
* Memory cleaning boosted
* Memory read/write boosted
* Lite version, stripped away many apps
* Tries to support as many languages as possible
* Real working Google Play Store
* Faster boot than previous Uberoid
* Higher performance than previous builts

v12 Beta2:

* added OSX CHANGER (TEST VERSiON!, feedback please!)
* attempt to fix all the gsensor calibration issues
* fixed the angry birds incompatible problem
* memory is set to 212 instead 224 (resolving artifacts one some models)
* added CHANGER.SH script done by GIVAS
* updated CHANGER.SH with 85 new models
* added Polaroid MPC1000 model by
* added another Tablet Phone model wms8153_7inch_2g by WRaven
* created default uboot_env recovery procedure on flash
* mod services jar texts to be dark grey
* fixed ezdy9.7" uboot env thanks to Blaze
* smaller clock text on the statusbar
* added Robotop's ebin2etxt tool for bad flash recovery using the changer
* added a new procedure to the changer to use Robotop's ebin2etxt and
automatically make directory with the backup
* cleared up packages (no more 0byte apps in the list)
* fixed Solid Explorer problem

Beta Preview:

* updated Google Play to 3.5.19
* rebuilt with 1.5.7 firmware base
* fixed google services framework
* optimized ROM size
* updated file expert to 4.1.4
* fixed google accounts bug
* added meridian player
* added dev tools
* added google voice search
* added opera mini
* added spare parts
* rooted
* modded installer fonts
* added memory boosts
* quicker boot mod
* optimized all png's in HC framework
* added su bins 3.0.7
* added superuser 3.0.7
* added youtube 2.3.4
* added default android terminal
* rebuilt the xtra_mods support package
* full flash player 10.1 (not the evaluation)
* fix locale patch to run on 1.5.7 (default EN US!)
* added function to localepatch for keyboards characters
* added function to localepatch for keyboards layouts
* fixed S89 audioboost problem (thanks Vinz!)
* rebuilt tamil support
* removed phone support v2
* added bootanimaker in the CHANGER
* Rebuilt HoneyComb 3.0 and IceCream******** 4.0 frameworks
* fixed bootanimationzip maker (Thanks Satcomranger!)
* fixed launcher icons to row 4(5) instead of 5(6) (Thanks Satcomranger!)
* updated google play store from 3.4.7 to 3.5.16
* added optional busybox 1.19 update in the changer
* added Tamil language support
* rebuilt Tamil language support for 1.5.7 firmware
* updated Uberoidtool to 1.02
* optimized all png's in ICS framework
* write /proc/system/vpp/pixel_clock 33000000
* fixed build prop dalvic cache double line by Leeh33
* Uberoid can be themed in three versions of android, Froyo 2.2, HoneyComb 3.0 and IceCream******** 4.0
* included cannot upgrade kernel-NAND patch
* disabled default bootanimation for faster boot
* added Robotop's Sheller (HcH Edition) "use it at your own risk, intended for advanced users" website:
* added new model 706_phone_157
* added new model 8g_705_phone_151_512mb
* added new model e10_152
* added new model e10_155
* added new model e10_157
* added new model e10_m788p_157
* added new model e11-b_and_e99_8inch_1603_151
* added new model e18_1603_157
* added new model e88_97inch_0902_153
* added new model e88_97inch_200w_pixels_155
* added new model m7865
* added new model m80003w_s89
* added new model maipad_mx7650_122
* added new model maipad_mx7650_130
* added new model maipad_mx7650_2gb_153
* added new model maipad_mx7650_4gb_152
* added new model maipad_mx7651
* added new model maipad_mx7651_150
* added new model maipad_mx8650_130
* added new model mapan_mx7650_157-ya
* added new model mapan_mx7650_2gb_155-c_1609
* added new model mapan_mx7650_2gb_155-L
* added new model mapan_mx7650_2gb_155-L-F
* added new model mapan_mx7650_4gb_155
* added new model mapan_mx7650_4gb_155-t-v
* added new model mapan_mx7650_4gb_155-ya
* added new model mapan_mx7650_4gb_157-ch
* added new model mapan_mx8650_2gb_155-st
* added new model mx7650_150
* added new model mx7650_2gb_150
* added new model os-l001-18_phone
* rebuilt the phone support package for 1.5.7
* Uberoid has a new theme, ICS!:
1. ICS Roboto font
2. ICS Keyboard
3. ICS Wallpaper
4. ICS Services sizes/color MODs
5. ICS Clock by JulioJS
6. ICS Framework MOD
Includes the general ICS framework-res with these special mods:
1. dropdown mod
2. media player buttons mod
3. searchbuttons mod
4. application focus mod
5. keyboard textfield mod
6. list selector background mod
7. menuitem background mod
8. background pressed application mod
9. check button mod
10. close button mod
11. textfield mod
12. circle button mod
13. radio button mod
14. battery meter mod by wr7
16. highlight mod
17. sd card mod
18. statusbar background mod
19. statusbar mods by wr7
20. press mod

Tablet Compatibility List:


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